Day 152: Survived and Got My Wish

Today, my boss was fired.

This event results in the following new acts for today:

1)  I survived a bad boss, rather than them outlasting me.  I’ve never been fired but I’ve left a job because of poor management.  I stayed in this job because it is the industry in which I want to work, I love the team of people with whom I work, and it is a shitty economy and full time jobs are not easy to come by.  My surviving him is an act of victory.

2) I stood up to work practices that I found unethical and unprofessional and was not fired.  I didn’t know that this would be the result at the time and I was terrified.  I didn’t know I had that in me.

3)  I started to learn how to manage a team of people because he was not willing to do so.  I didn’t know I could do that.  I learned exactly how frustrated I can be and how I react to extreme stress.  I also learned that I genuinely care about how happy and well-treated other people are in their workplace.

4) Learned more about Excel.

5)  I learned how amazing, self-sacrificing, and hard-working my co-workers are.  The past 12 months have been a lot of work and little reward and they have humbled and inspired me with their compassion and resilience.

6)  I got a wish a today that I never, ever thought would come true.  Yesterday, someone at work was credited and awarded for work that was a collaboration between my team and several other departments.  The nomination was a parting gift of my ex-boss and left me so enraged that after work I beat a chair to piece with a baseball bat in the alley (hi neighbors!).  I was heartbroken for my team and I kept thinking, “The only way this could possibly be healed is for someone to acknowledge the wrong, apologize, and recognize the year of work they put in.”  I never thought that would happen.

Today one of upper administrators came down to our staff meeting, acknowledged the wrong, apologized, and recognized all the work they had put in.  I am so deeply grateful, it was like they poured sunshine into a dark room we were all living in.

7)  This morning, after my terrible day and night, I suddenly felt calm and at peace, like nothing could touch me.  I’ve never felt like that after difficult time–numb maybe, or resigned.  But not like that.  I feel like going through all of this helped me learn how to be happy despite everything; a combination of concentrating on what resources I do have, detaching myself from negative people and just knowing that I will get through the day.

For that knowledge, Ex-Boss, I am grateful.



Day 149: Drop it and Not Feel Bad

While this past week has not been the most stressful week of my professional life (That was the week of April 9th, 2011) it is up there.  Nothing disastrous or tragic (see April 9th, 2011) but it was comically full of stressful situations, including but not limited to, Beloved In-Law Visiting, Moving Out of Our Apartment, Being Sick and Full of Mucus, Huge Enormous Work Drama That Has Been Brewing For A Year, several Homework Assignments, And To0 Many Social Obligations.  Also a Mega Raccoon made a guest appearance and with his new buddy Possum Guy With Scary Teeth.  They are currently camped out by the garbage cans and I think they might try to hitch a ride to the new place.

Most of my new acts for the past nine days have involved suddenly having to cover things I’ve never done before at work (hello payroll and schedules!)  taking exciting new drugs to cease the river Jordan that is my nose, and writing mock grant proposals under the influence of too much caffeine and cold medicine.  I also snarled at a possum that was in my way, said no to some social obligations, attended my first Passover Seder, read the Walking Dead graphic novels, saw my new apartment, watched episodes of Star Trek the Next Generation for the first time, asked about a new thing to someone who was an expert even though I was afraid of being shamed for my ignorance (I wasn’t) and found my new bra size.

But I will not post in detail about these things, because after a week of holding it together, my new thing is dropping something and not feeling bad about it.


Day 140: Wrote My First Pitch Letter

I offered to write an article for my museum’s members’ magazine about a month ago.  The editor wrote me back suddenly and asked for an official pitch that he could run by the magazine committee.  I realized that I had no idea how to write a pitch letter.  So I turned to the trusty Interwebs and found several articles about different types of pitches and got a general idea.  I wrote it and rewrote it several times then finally sent it after a lot of lip chewing.

I got an email back right before I left for the day, letting me know that the idea was approved.


Day 138: Let the Husbandit Deal with Some Family Drama

I came home after a very long day of dealing with a spambot virus cavorting on my work computer and a cold virus cavorting in my nose only to find some familia drama brewing.

I was not in a state to deal with it.  The Husbandit found me stomping around the living room, yelling at furniture, and said, “You know, I can deal with this.”

It had never occurred to me that he could in fact, deal with it.  It is one of those oddities about becoming legally family–even though we have been living together and dealing with family and life and dishes and landlords for several years, once you are legally married it’s like the world gives you this rubber stamp to deal with each other’s shit.