Day 212: Took an Evening for Myself.

Every so often, the Husbandit needs a Husbandit Night, meaning a night to hang out solo.  I appreciate that and I skeedaddle out of the house on those nights.  However, I rarely take a night for myself.  I decided to take an ordinary Wednesday evening and declare it my night by re-reading a childhood favorite, eating an easy dinner, and taking a long walk by myself.

It was very refreshing and I think I need to do that more often.


Day 211: Writing Date with New Writing Partner!

I want to start going on writing dates again to inspire me to write like a motherfucker, as Cheryl Strayed says.  I asked a woman I met in my creative non-fiction class last spring if she wold be interested in meeting up to write and we had a good session at one of my favorite coffeehouses.

As a plus, I think I found the subject or at least the subject area of my next piece.  I keep trying to write essays about work and instead write about something else.  Clearly Something Else is obsessing me, so it’s time to write about it.


Day 210: Made Cold Soup

It is getting terribly hot.  I am also getting terribly bored with most vegetable-based dishes I know how to make.  I decided to mash up these two issues by mashing up some potatoes and asparagus for a cold soup recipe I found on the Interwebs.  It looks like I pureed the Wicked Witch of the West.

Day 209: Make DIY Dessert Tower to Store Jewelry.

I’m on a crafting spree.  I’ve wanted to try some new projects for a while and organizing our new apartment has been my opportunity make pretty organizers.  I was inspired by this post on

Oooo! Pretty!

I especially like the dessert tower used as a jewelry organizer.  But I did not like the retail price of such items.  So, I found a tutorial on making a dessert tower and am now waiting for the glue to dry.  Photos pending….