Day Who the Hell Knows, I’m in a Craptastic Mood. Also My First Ever Reader Poll.

Something mysterious is biting me.  And while I am rarely in the mood for invisible insectile visitors, I am particularly not in the mood this week.  I’ve been waiting on some important news, not sleeping well from the anxiety of waiting for said news and that always makes everything horrible.  Waking up with strange bites and lumps does not improve my outlook.  Niether does interacting with serious of unfortunate customers that seem to be competing for first prize on this site.  Also, there is construction everywhere I want to go.  And the news is making me so sad and angry that I’m considering using “I statements” directed at the entire universe. 

“When drones are killing people based on social networking theory that hasn’t yet proven to stop violence, I feel worried that my nation-state is committing heinous acts.”

“When a fourteen year old girl is shot in the head in order to enforce a sexist regime, I feel that angry and that you don’t respect my humanity.”

“When politicians seem to be engaged in a race to the bottom in order to gain power, I feel like smacking the shit out of them.”

Lately I’ve been doing this exercise in which I imagine what the world’s best kindergarten teacher would say.  I think right now she would say that I need a nap and to concentrate on things that make me happy.  Number 3 on the the top ten list of Things that Make Me Happy is Halloween costumes.  Once again I have a million Halloween costume ideas and not nearly enough parties.  So, here are the current contestants:

1) Angel of Death!  (Wedding dress + DIY Hourglass from Soda Bottles + Angel wings + Skull mask)

2) Lana from Archer! (fake holster + sweater dress + boots + attitude)

3) Rapunzel! (fake hair + princess dress + tiara)

4) Persephone (Pommegrante + tunic + sadness)

Vote in the comments below!  Who should I be for Halloween?



2 comments on “Day Who the Hell Knows, I’m in a Craptastic Mood. Also My First Ever Reader Poll.

  1. I’m working on my very own skull mask… but the first draft did not turn out great. Leather is tricky! Which means I’m not sure if I’ll have time to finish it or not.

    Anyway, that’s my vote for the ol’ Santa Muerte.

    Also, Cat and I don’t have any Halloween plans yet–are y’all doing anything cool up north!?

  2. leslie says:

    I am biased, any costume that involves the tiara is good in my book! but I think it could be integrated into the angel of death and persephone! lol

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