I started this blog to push myself as a writer and as a person and to combat awkward silences.  You see, when I tell people I’m a writer I generally get two responses:

Response #1

Me:  I’m a writer.

Other Human:  Oh, where are you published?

Me:  No where yet.

Other Human:  Oh.

(Awkward silence).


Me:  I’m a writer

Other Human:  Oh, do you have a blog?

Me:  Nope.

(Awkward silence, possibly leading dangerous levels of sour cream and onion dip inhalation)

I’m used to these sorts of well-intentioned but anxiety inducing conversations, being the child of a professional musician (“And what does your mommy do?” “My mommy is a singer.”  “Do you sing?”  “Nope.”  Awkward silence.)  There are several ways of dealing with these conversations, including running away, asking the person a leading question, coming up with a different answer, and running away but with the onion dip and wine. I’m working on the publishing part and look forward to being able to say, yes I’m published and then have an awkward conversation on how I continue to have a day job.  The blog bit is more in my immediate control.  I like the idea of writing something everyday, I like the idea of trying something new everyday, and I like the idea of marking the end of my 20’s with something different.

When we are very young, we have no choice but to do new things, it’s not a matter of daring, it’s a matter of inexperience.  When we are older we have to be  more intentional about novelty.  I’ve spent most of my life alternately battling and nursing perfectionism and have a tendency to avoid new things if I think I won’t be good at them.  I don’t want to enter the next decade of my life crippled by perfectionism.  I figure that this blog can be a way of using my desire to do something well i.e. follow through on a blog, to achieve  my desire to try new things.

Here we go.  Let’s see what a year of first acts will bring me.


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